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8/18/16 09:21 pm - Hobbies!

I've decided to try and get back into my hobbies again. You know, the old ones that I went and abandoned.
Like actually going out of the house. Or jigsaws. Or board games. Or actually listening to music again. Seriously, I go for months without listening to music nowadays...

I'm so demotivated. I want my life back.
I go on the internet about this kind of stuff, about me being tired all the time and having problems with lethargy (I mean today is not the first time that I had a really great night's sleep and was still tired somehow). And people's answers keep pointing me back to symptoms of depression.
I don't feel that I need to check it out though. What am I going to say to the doctor, "Oh, I sometimes feel sad, sometimes empty, sometimes happy, always tired?"

So, I made a list of my hobbies...and got to about 48?
And started making a schedule for them, as I do. Like, post more in my RP, post more in LJ (yes, LJ, you're on the schedule too! I need to post more and my schedule will make sure I do!), more Neopets and...

Oh yes, I DID go back to Neopets btw.
And Gaia Online. Just to try and get more friends on there. I didn't bother with the other stupid shit on that site. If you've ever been on that site nowadays - IT HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY HYPERINFLATION. Posting will net you 10,000 gold. I clicked on a daily log-in and the site gave me a million fucking gold. I. Am. Not. Kidding. It's a mess.

And Neopets I made about 50k in the last few days with the help of some daily freebies which is great.
Also going to get back into music.
I must listen to music again. And back into reading, too! And writing! And everything!

Oh, I hope this doesn't backfire.

7/6/16 09:19 pm - MLP


I've decided to change my anime schedule a bit, so that rather than watching one episode of one anime series every day, and potentially watching 25 shows very very slowly, I'm going to go for the more direct approach.

By which I mean I'm going to MARATHON EVERYTHING.

I finished AB0048 Next Stage last night. The ending was quite emotional, there were some plot holes but essentially I really enjoyed the show. It was beautiful. I wish there was a Season 3 but I doubt it.
I'm also going to finish Season 1 of TMNT (1987 original series) in a moment from now. Still awesome. Still amazing. Still cowabunga.
I mean hey, Season 1 only has 5 episodes so it's easily marathoned.

Oh, I finished Season 3 of MLP last night too.

It was really good - compared to the rest of the season, that is, which was just lacking in so many ways - but not really in comparison to Season 1 and 2 finales.
So Twilight gets to be a princess?
That's great, but...why?? Why just her? Celestia says it's because she's become a model character, learned all this stuff, personal development etc. but...every character has that as well? All of her friends are just as worthy.

So why her?
Is it because she's the main character? Or because...oh, right. Toy merchandise. I get it.

Oh, and we got 8 songs in the finale.
Eight. Freaking. Songs.
No, that's not a compliment. The episode actually BEGAN with a song. It was one of those forced Disney-esque songs, too. Half the episode was just them singing about the most simple things that you wouldn't ever need to sing about.
Like the time when the entire cast burst into song to tell Twilight that she was feeling slightly disappointed about her current state of mind.

I genuinely liked two of the songs in Magical Mystery Cure, but the rest sounded...weird.
You know how when some people make really bad poetry, and they just take a bunch of sentences and desperately try to make them rhyme, and the overall result isn't great?
This was like that. The singing went up and down in weird places, the chords just went out of place (whilst still keeping in tune with the main vocals) and it was a bit of a mess IMO.

Anyway, what they DID get right was Twilight's transformation. It was pretty awesome.

Apparently the MLP fandom is split about this, about whether they like the idea of Twilight being an alicorn.
Personally? I like it. I do like it - and I would have liked it more if there was a better reason to make her one!
Rather than Celestia just randomly saying "oh you have managed to do this spell, well done, I'll just give you a pair of wings". I was hoping there was some kind of villain at this season finale, but I guess we did King Sombra already.

Overall, I did not like Season 3 of MLP. It sucked.
Well, it was average as a cartoon, but it sucked as a season of MLP. They could do a lot better. I'm just glad that there were only 13 episodes.
I'll watch Season 4 shortly and I hope it improves.

6/27/16 10:51 pm - Atronachs


Dragonball Z - This show was awesome in the first few episodes, but now I'm quickly realising how many bloody fillers there are. There's a lot. The original Dragonball wasn't like this. I mean, they're not bad fillers, but...just a bit unnecessary.

MLP Season 3 - I am really not liking this season. Have I said this before? It was just bad writing in places. How? How did they manage to write episodes like this?? What the hell was up with Spike's "dragon code" which apparently Twilight knew all about and had NEVER MENTIONED BEFORE?? Why does he have to serve Applejack's every wish, even though Twilight has saved his life multiple times in the past two seasons? Why was Spitfire completely OOC and different to how she was presented in the Grand Galloping Gala? Why was Applejack so rushed and OOC herself in the Apple Family Reunion, when she should really know better? What the hell is going on here?!

I did just watch Discord's episode about how he became good again, and it was a really heartwarming episode...but in the first half it was like Celestia had literally wheeled out Discord's statues and announced "I want you to reform him" without any explanation, and then just left! Seriously?? Why? Why now? Why did we wait almost 2 entire seasons to do this? How about "There's a new evil villain appearing and we are going to need Discord's help here, so I want you to reform him". How about that, huh? Instead of reforming him for no reason?

I know it's a kid's cartoon. I just...Season 1 and 2 were just amazing. They had no problems. Season 3, however, is rife with them!

Nichijou - This is one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. So. Random. I'll miss it when it ends.

Marimite Season 2 - Oh my god. I've finally finished this fucking show. The finale was terrible. Terrible! I hated the last episode. I can't understand why they felt the need to desperately throw some unnecessary drama in order to make an impact on the viewers. Yumi and Sachiko were FINE. Why are they suddenly breaking up? Why? Why is Sachiko suddenly treating Yumi like shit? Why is she leaving her to cry in the rain when she could be comforting her? Why is she acting like this? And the last episode did NOT really excuse her actions at all, if anything Yumi was the one apologising (for what?? being hurt by her onee-sama??) and just...oh it was so bad.

And absolutely no one on the internet agrees with me on this, because the entire fandom praises this season. I did not like it. I won't be watching Season 3, sadly, I will go back to Sasameki Koto again.


Liveman - I started the next Super Sentai season, Liveman Mainly because I ran out of Bioman subs and realised it probably wasn't completely finished after all. Liveman seems...okay, I guess. It actually feels like watching Bioman, except a bit too serious despite the fact that one of the villains is a woman with guns coming out of her elbows.

Maskman - I've reached episode 40. I can't believe I've almost finished this show! Apparently it's actually the definition of Sentai filler and that the characters mean absolutely nothing - but nevertheless I pretty much enjoy all of them? Same with Battle Fever J, after all. It's just fun to watch.


I was really shocked to hear about what happened at Brexit. Couldn't believe it. Realised that all the Leave regions of Britain were literally everywhere that wasn't London or Scotland. Like, how. Stupid UKIP already leaping at the opportunity and...well, I don't really need to say anything here. Everything's already been said. Basically, we're all fucked. The pound already dropped on the stock market the very same day...


Okay, so what I've done is made 3 RP characters. One for Morrowind, one for Oblivion, and one for Skyrim!
I'm keeping a personal RP diary for each one. For example, my Skyrim character is utilising Two-Handed weapons and UNARMOURED which will make it hella difficult! She also hates thieves and never picks locks or pockets...but she is prepared to use spells to open locked chests. Yes, that is possible with the power of mods.

I also added a large number of mods to make the games how I want to play them. I modded Oblivoin and Skyrim so that everyone is now killable - yes, even quest givers, and if the game world is broken then so be it! - and added Morrowind-style loot and removed levelled enemies, so now it's more challenging. Plus you can get higher-level loot at lower levels too. It's all like a game of chance!

6/21/16 10:37 pm - Aubergines


I finished Sailor Moon at last!! It was pretty awesome, though I got confused near the end. Actually, I had to look on Wikipedia to find out what the hell really happened. Apparently whoever translated the manga elected not to put the vital words "SIX YEARS LATER" when Mamoru and Usagi get back together again.
I really wish the final villain HAD been Sailor Galaxia though. And like, I hear this is supposed ot be one of the best arcs ever, but basically all the previous characters kept dying which meant they didn't contribute to any of the big things happening and it was like, is anyone going to survive to the next chapter? And the Sailor Starlights did less than I thought they would. They were pretty cool though. And Seiya's attraction to Usagi seemed a bit half-hearted, it wasn't really expanded upon.

Well, I'm thinking of reading the Touhou mangas next, but there are a lot of them and I'm not sure I can even be bothered that much.


DragonballZ - Goku is still running along the same path as he has been for the past 5 episodes. I'm not kidding. He's doing the same damn thing. I know Snake Way is a really long path but come on.

Marimite-Haru - Wow this week's episode was the shittiest episode I've ever seen in the past two seasons. Oh boy it was bad. It resolved nothing too. I hated it. The only reason I'm watching anymore is because there's one episode left. I mean seriously?! Is THIS how you decide to spent the last quarter of the show? By sticking in a ton of cliche drama between two characters which never acted that way in the first place?? It's just so OOC.

Cardcaptor Sakura - I watched Syaoran and Kero switch bodies and it was hilarious. Nearly finished season 1 now.

Aikatsu Stars - The last few episodes have actually been really good. I just wish the stupid headmaster would stop being evil for the sake of it. There's literally no point and it doesn't fit the show at all.

Idolmaster - I watched this episode with my gf and really liked this episode since it was based on Ami and Mami. Kinda annoying voices, but I really like the twins.


Kamen Rider Ghost - I've decided to love this show again.

Don't ask me how this happened. It makes sense only if you watch it.

Kamen Rider Faiz - Really enjoying this show right now! Especially since the main character has now acquired the power of SUPER SPEED and can suddenly beat all the powerful villains that were kicking his ass before. Amazing what one little power-up will do for you.

Maskman - They can travel in time now?? What? Why? The villains travel back in time so they can kill the Red Ranger before he is born, but AT THE SAME TIME, the Rangers also go back in time in exactly the same method to thwart them. I have no words.

Bioman - We finally got a Pink Ranger episode. By which I mean, she didn't actually get an character development, but it was about an episode about her talking to a floating brain. Which consisted mainly of an eyeball. Yeah. Still, I love this show to death and I'm pretty sure I'm the only person watching it. No one else cares to watch these good old 80s Sentai shows.


I felt really anxious today for some reason. Still don't know why. I think it's to do withh the lack of food in the house (which I've now amended) and the break in my schedule, which absolutely must not happen. I must have my schedule, and I'm not just talking about anime here.

I also swatted away a highly annoying fly which refused to leave my screen.

And as far as I know...my migraine seems to have gone. I've sneezed twice in a row and it hasn't triggered anything. On the other hand, I now have colds and coughs which I can deal with, so maybe it passed on to something else? We may never know.

I want to get back into Morrowind again. Please. It's so glorious. Yes, this game is better than Skyrim.

I mean I just love this game SO MUCH and I spent the whole day at work just counting all 375 quests available in the game, not counting expansions. It's just so...

I mean when I played Oblivion shortly afterwards, I was shocked because Oblivion seemed so dumbed-down in comparison and a lot of amazing things had been left out of the game completely. But I'm biased. Because Oblivion is a really decent game nonetheless and has probably the best main quest I've ever seen in an Elder Scrolls game. The combat and magic aspect was much improved too (though do not get me started on the level scaling, it was broken as hell and enabled me to beat the game WITH A LEVEL 3 CHARACTER.)

Anyway, I just really want to play Morrowind. Yeah.

6/18/16 05:31 pm - Flee from the hills

There's not so much sunlight as there used to be last week, which means I'm getting less Vitamin D and I'm already feeling the lethargy that comes with it. I feel that I used up all my reserves last week but hopefully the supplements might do something.

I've almost finished reading Sailor Moon! It got a bit confusing because after Chapter 39, I think someone else translated it...and they used the American localisations instead. Why?...How?! "Something's wrong with Darien!" No. No thank you.

Anyway, I believe I'm at the last arc with Lady Galaxia which is looking really good since all the Sailor Soldiers are here, and I was waiting to see if the Sailor Starlights would ever appear. I'm enjoying this manga so much that it's almost persuaded me to try watching more of the anime...but not quite. No, after that first season, I'm just not touching the anime again. If I ever do it will be SMC.

EDIT: I just typoed "Sailor Mon" and imagined Bob Marley turning into a magical girl going "This is Sailor Moon, mon! By the power of the moon I shall punish you!"
(You know, Sailor Moon doesn't even say that motto very often in the manga. She's said it like, once in the last 30 chapters or so?)

Cardcaptor Sakura - I'm almost finished with the first season now. Some episodes are a little repetitive and filler-ish but overall the show itself is awesome.

One Piece - I'm now at the main fight scenes in Enies Lobby. The episode where Chopper takes 3 Rumble Balls and turns into a monster, oh wow, it was tearful and heartbreaking. I'd always wanted to see how they animated it. Literally perfect. And...then they started doing fillers. In the middle of the fight. Because it was Christmas break.
To be honest, the Christmas fillers are like an AU in One Piece! It looked awesome! So I'm actually enjoying them, haha.

Mahou Tsukai Precure - This is such a boring Precure season. I'm not even kidding. They're trying to take elements from the older seasons, trying to get back to their routes. And what do we have?

Witches, mermaids and pegasi in one picture. Oh by the way, the mermaids are learning to fly. I don't even.

Anyway, that's not the bad part of the episode, the bad part is when the evil turtle guy is trying to beat them up.

My girlfriend and I are arguing over whether he's supposed to be Leonardo or Raphael. I mean I say he's Raphael, because Raphael was always angry, but she says he's Leonardo because he's blue.

Yes! Precure 5 - Rewatching this and loving it so far, despite the 2007 animation.

Nichijou - Finally, the funniest scene in anime happened

DragonballZ - Vegeta just blew up a fucking planet by pointing his finger at it. Awesome. It's only episode 11.


Zyuohger - This is probably one of my favourite Super Sentai seasons. We've brought in an evil ranger now and he's armed with a fishing rod and his arm is a crocodile tail. Watch the show if you don't believe me. I still really enjoyed the episode where they fought Gift.


So I'm in Season 3 and watched Wonderbolts Academy! Although I loved it and really liked Lightning Dust as a character...I'm surprised at Spitfire. For one thing, she acts nothing like she did in any other episode (especially in the Grand Galloping Gala) and she was going to take absolutely no action? She was fine with Lightning Dust being reckless and hurting the other ponies? It's likely she would have continued to do absolutely nothing, if Ranbow Dash hadn't threatened to quit! It just makes her character seem really OOC in my opinion.

Apart from that, the episode was great, considering I find Season 3 overall to be possibly the worst pony season so far. No wonder I ended up dropping it.


So I just finished Malorie Blackman's Boys Don't Cry. I...absolutely LOVED this book. Ironically, I cried at it internally.
I have found fault with almost every other Malorie Blackman book I've ever read (yes, including Noughts & Crosses,  which was incredibly predictable at every turn, to the point that you could predict who was going to commit suicide) but this one is how she should write them.

Basically, the books about a teen pregnancy - a 17-year old boy is stuck with a baby that he wasn't even aware about, before his ex leaves it on him and does a runner. At the same time, his brother is gay and suffering from homophobic bullying in their current society and...I just really enjoyed the book. Wish she wrote more books like this. As usual, I was able to predict that another character was going to attempt suicide, and bingo. Apart from that, it was a great read.

Next time, I'm going to start on Tim Bowler's Game Changer, which looks like a really really thin book that I had to borrow another book after it just to give it some company.


My parents are going to Cornwall for about a week meaning I get to not be woken up when I'm trying to nap, which is great. As for migraine, I haven't had much of a headache the whole week! It's definitely getting better, but I dare not try to sneeze at all. I'm also replaying Suikoden and taking the slightly insane route of trying to level up every character with max weapons and max equipment.

There are 108 total characters in Suikoden (though not all of them are playable), so as you can imagine, it takes a bit of freaking patience. Let's just say it's going ot take a while.

And...I'm going to start doing some posts on Public for a bit. There's not any really personal stuff in this post, for example, so I could.

5/13/15 10:35 pm - New s

Early birthday present for meeeee.

It will be some time before I get all my old stuff back though, because that's all on my backup. Lots of anime and games to return.

I finally finished my first chapter of my story today.
At least, I hope so.
6000 words is alright for it, I think. But it took months to write after proof-reading it about a billion times, 4-5 rewrites, removing so much...?

Yeah, this is what I do at work. I ignore all my impending deadlines and just do creative writing whilst no one's looking.
Okay, but I do get stuff done some of the time.

AND ANGBAND IS ON THE LABTOP but I can't be bothered to go get it.
Also this keyboard feels weird.

5/11/15 06:45 pm - Friends Cut

I just went through my friends list and removed a ton of people. Mainly those who haven't been active for years and years.
Anyone want to be friended back, comment here and I'll add you back.

5/3/15 08:54 pm - my skill is 7

So I amassed all my Fighting Fantasy books and realised...I am missing some.
I can't find House of Hell anywhere. My limited edition. I'm sure I saw it somewhere, but searched the entire house and can't find it.
Then I realised...I had lost Legend of Zagor too.
Legend. Of. Fucking Zagor.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen that book for...years, now.
But I have a personal attachment to that book. I got it from a second-hand bookstore somewhere in Wales or Scotland or Yorkshire or god knows where. It was a bookstore in the middle of nowhere.
BUT...it was a bookstore which was FULL of Fighting Fantasy books.
Like holy shit.
I think my jaw dropped when I saw it.
I wasn't very old back then so my parents only bought me a few, rather than about 15, and Legend of Zagor was one of them. (I think another was Rebel Planet?)

Basically, Legend of Zagor is the sequel to Return to Firetop Mountain, which of course is the sequel to the Warlock of Firetop Mountain.
You get to play as four different characters with different strengths etc.
And holy shit the illustrations in the book. I was in love with them.
There were these four different "champions" under Zagor that you had to defeat for special relics, and the designs were so breathtakingly epic. I even started sketching them.

Anyway, I can't find that book now.
The other book I can't find either is Masks of Mayhem.
I'm not too bothered about that. It was a bit dull for a Fighting Fantasy book. The only thing I remember much is that the end boss was pretty hot.

I was going to play through an FF book.
I started playing through Vault of the Vampire with my sister.

I've played through it before (though not seriously) though not for some time.
It also spawned a sequel, Revenge of the Vampire, which...I remember vaguely as having a contradictory part?
Like, near the beginning, the book offers you a Magic Sword if you pay a fee, but at that point in the book you don't have any money?
That always bothered me...

Want to hear how I fared with this book?

I started out with a skill score of 7. The lowest possible skill you can have in any FF book.
That really says it all.
(The only book I know if where low stats are an advantage is in Magehunter. This is because you swap bodies with your nemesis near the beginning, so when you fight him properly, he has your own stats. :p It's a very interesting take on it.)

I managed to bludgeon my way through by running past a few enemies.
Then I ran into a Balbhoan Sith (I know that's not how you spell it) and even though I knew it was a trap she still got me.
Her first spell lowers your skill by 2.
I have the worst skill already and she's going to lower it even further?

So yeah. I'm dead after ten minutes.
Bearing in mind that when you fight the Count, he has a skill score of 13...and you need a Magic Sword to even hurt him.
And you have to resist his seductive gaze.
And you have to fight him twice (in a row) because he regenerates.
And you have to have destroyed all his coffins beforehand.
And you need a crucifix and a stake to destroy him completely afterwards.

And yeah, you then need to fight his sister afterwards.
Jesus christ.
It's freaking impossible. I thought Trial of Champions was hard enough already. No, I take that back, Trial of Champions is pretty impossible already.

I should make a post about how impossible some of the books are.
When I was holiday in Australia some years ago, there was a particular book which I read for ages...and I could not see for the LIFE of me how to win at it.
It had some cool monks in it. I remember that much.
I could not see how to get the correct reference number. I checked every page and it just wasn't there. Like you have to guess or something.

4/27/15 08:43 pm - Answer for question 4340.

What is the longest time you have gone without speaking to another human being? What were the circumstances that caused it?
Gosh, months I think. Maybe years? That was around uni time, where i never wanted to talk to people.

4/26/15 05:26 pm - Dreamwidth

Also my dreamwidth account is metaladrian.dreamwidth.org.
I'll be more active on there these days (though will still be crossposting to LJ).
If anyone on here has DW then feel free to add me on there or let me know. My posts will be mainly anime and games as usual.
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