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There's not so much sunlight as there used to be last week, which means I'm getting less Vitamin D and I'm already feeling the lethargy that comes with it. I feel that I used up all my reserves last week but hopefully the supplements might do something.

I've almost finished reading Sailor Moon! It got a bit confusing because after Chapter 39, I think someone else translated it...and they used the American localisations instead. Why?...How?! "Something's wrong with Darien!" No. No thank you.

Anyway, I believe I'm at the last arc with Lady Galaxia which is looking really good since all the Sailor Soldiers are here, and I was waiting to see if the Sailor Starlights would ever appear. I'm enjoying this manga so much that it's almost persuaded me to try watching more of the anime...but not quite. No, after that first season, I'm just not touching the anime again. If I ever do it will be SMC.

EDIT: I just typoed "Sailor Mon" and imagined Bob Marley turning into a magical girl going "This is Sailor Moon, mon! By the power of the moon I shall punish you!"
(You know, Sailor Moon doesn't even say that motto very often in the manga. She's said it like, once in the last 30 chapters or so?)

Cardcaptor Sakura - I'm almost finished with the first season now. Some episodes are a little repetitive and filler-ish but overall the show itself is awesome.

One Piece - I'm now at the main fight scenes in Enies Lobby. The episode where Chopper takes 3 Rumble Balls and turns into a monster, oh wow, it was tearful and heartbreaking. I'd always wanted to see how they animated it. Literally perfect. And...then they started doing fillers. In the middle of the fight. Because it was Christmas break.
To be honest, the Christmas fillers are like an AU in One Piece! It looked awesome! So I'm actually enjoying them, haha.

Mahou Tsukai Precure - This is such a boring Precure season. I'm not even kidding. They're trying to take elements from the older seasons, trying to get back to their routes. And what do we have?

Witches, mermaids and pegasi in one picture. Oh by the way, the mermaids are learning to fly. I don't even.

Anyway, that's not the bad part of the episode, the bad part is when the evil turtle guy is trying to beat them up.

My girlfriend and I are arguing over whether he's supposed to be Leonardo or Raphael. I mean I say he's Raphael, because Raphael was always angry, but she says he's Leonardo because he's blue.

Yes! Precure 5 - Rewatching this and loving it so far, despite the 2007 animation.

Nichijou - Finally, the funniest scene in anime happened

DragonballZ - Vegeta just blew up a fucking planet by pointing his finger at it. Awesome. It's only episode 11.


Zyuohger - This is probably one of my favourite Super Sentai seasons. We've brought in an evil ranger now and he's armed with a fishing rod and his arm is a crocodile tail. Watch the show if you don't believe me. I still really enjoyed the episode where they fought Gift.


So I'm in Season 3 and watched Wonderbolts Academy! Although I loved it and really liked Lightning Dust as a character...I'm surprised at Spitfire. For one thing, she acts nothing like she did in any other episode (especially in the Grand Galloping Gala) and she was going to take absolutely no action? She was fine with Lightning Dust being reckless and hurting the other ponies? It's likely she would have continued to do absolutely nothing, if Ranbow Dash hadn't threatened to quit! It just makes her character seem really OOC in my opinion.

Apart from that, the episode was great, considering I find Season 3 overall to be possibly the worst pony season so far. No wonder I ended up dropping it.


So I just finished Malorie Blackman's Boys Don't Cry. I...absolutely LOVED this book. Ironically, I cried at it internally.
I have found fault with almost every other Malorie Blackman book I've ever read (yes, including Noughts & Crosses,  which was incredibly predictable at every turn, to the point that you could predict who was going to commit suicide) but this one is how she should write them.

Basically, the books about a teen pregnancy - a 17-year old boy is stuck with a baby that he wasn't even aware about, before his ex leaves it on him and does a runner. At the same time, his brother is gay and suffering from homophobic bullying in their current society and...I just really enjoyed the book. Wish she wrote more books like this. As usual, I was able to predict that another character was going to attempt suicide, and bingo. Apart from that, it was a great read.

Next time, I'm going to start on Tim Bowler's Game Changer, which looks like a really really thin book that I had to borrow another book after it just to give it some company.


My parents are going to Cornwall for about a week meaning I get to not be woken up when I'm trying to nap, which is great. As for migraine, I haven't had much of a headache the whole week! It's definitely getting better, but I dare not try to sneeze at all. I'm also replaying Suikoden and taking the slightly insane route of trying to level up every character with max weapons and max equipment.

There are 108 total characters in Suikoden (though not all of them are playable), so as you can imagine, it takes a bit of freaking patience. Let's just say it's going ot take a while.

And...I'm going to start doing some posts on Public for a bit. There's not any really personal stuff in this post, for example, so I could.
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