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I finished Sailor Moon at last!! It was pretty awesome, though I got confused near the end. Actually, I had to look on Wikipedia to find out what the hell really happened. Apparently whoever translated the manga elected not to put the vital words "SIX YEARS LATER" when Mamoru and Usagi get back together again.
I really wish the final villain HAD been Sailor Galaxia though. And like, I hear this is supposed ot be one of the best arcs ever, but basically all the previous characters kept dying which meant they didn't contribute to any of the big things happening and it was like, is anyone going to survive to the next chapter? And the Sailor Starlights did less than I thought they would. They were pretty cool though. And Seiya's attraction to Usagi seemed a bit half-hearted, it wasn't really expanded upon.

Well, I'm thinking of reading the Touhou mangas next, but there are a lot of them and I'm not sure I can even be bothered that much.


DragonballZ - Goku is still running along the same path as he has been for the past 5 episodes. I'm not kidding. He's doing the same damn thing. I know Snake Way is a really long path but come on.

Marimite-Haru - Wow this week's episode was the shittiest episode I've ever seen in the past two seasons. Oh boy it was bad. It resolved nothing too. I hated it. The only reason I'm watching anymore is because there's one episode left. I mean seriously?! Is THIS how you decide to spent the last quarter of the show? By sticking in a ton of cliche drama between two characters which never acted that way in the first place?? It's just so OOC.

Cardcaptor Sakura - I watched Syaoran and Kero switch bodies and it was hilarious. Nearly finished season 1 now.

Aikatsu Stars - The last few episodes have actually been really good. I just wish the stupid headmaster would stop being evil for the sake of it. There's literally no point and it doesn't fit the show at all.

Idolmaster - I watched this episode with my gf and really liked this episode since it was based on Ami and Mami. Kinda annoying voices, but I really like the twins.


Kamen Rider Ghost - I've decided to love this show again.

Don't ask me how this happened. It makes sense only if you watch it.

Kamen Rider Faiz - Really enjoying this show right now! Especially since the main character has now acquired the power of SUPER SPEED and can suddenly beat all the powerful villains that were kicking his ass before. Amazing what one little power-up will do for you.

Maskman - They can travel in time now?? What? Why? The villains travel back in time so they can kill the Red Ranger before he is born, but AT THE SAME TIME, the Rangers also go back in time in exactly the same method to thwart them. I have no words.

Bioman - We finally got a Pink Ranger episode. By which I mean, she didn't actually get an character development, but it was about an episode about her talking to a floating brain. Which consisted mainly of an eyeball. Yeah. Still, I love this show to death and I'm pretty sure I'm the only person watching it. No one else cares to watch these good old 80s Sentai shows.


I felt really anxious today for some reason. Still don't know why. I think it's to do withh the lack of food in the house (which I've now amended) and the break in my schedule, which absolutely must not happen. I must have my schedule, and I'm not just talking about anime here.

I also swatted away a highly annoying fly which refused to leave my screen.

And as far as I migraine seems to have gone. I've sneezed twice in a row and it hasn't triggered anything. On the other hand, I now have colds and coughs which I can deal with, so maybe it passed on to something else? We may never know.

I want to get back into Morrowind again. Please. It's so glorious. Yes, this game is better than Skyrim.

I mean I just love this game SO MUCH and I spent the whole day at work just counting all 375 quests available in the game, not counting expansions. It's just so...

I mean when I played Oblivion shortly afterwards, I was shocked because Oblivion seemed so dumbed-down in comparison and a lot of amazing things had been left out of the game completely. But I'm biased. Because Oblivion is a really decent game nonetheless and has probably the best main quest I've ever seen in an Elder Scrolls game. The combat and magic aspect was much improved too (though do not get me started on the level scaling, it was broken as hell and enabled me to beat the game WITH A LEVEL 3 CHARACTER.)

Anyway, I just really want to play Morrowind. Yeah.
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