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Dragonball Z - This show was awesome in the first few episodes, but now I'm quickly realising how many bloody fillers there are. There's a lot. The original Dragonball wasn't like this. I mean, they're not bad fillers, but...just a bit unnecessary.

MLP Season 3 - I am really not liking this season. Have I said this before? It was just bad writing in places. How? How did they manage to write episodes like this?? What the hell was up with Spike's "dragon code" which apparently Twilight knew all about and had NEVER MENTIONED BEFORE?? Why does he have to serve Applejack's every wish, even though Twilight has saved his life multiple times in the past two seasons? Why was Spitfire completely OOC and different to how she was presented in the Grand Galloping Gala? Why was Applejack so rushed and OOC herself in the Apple Family Reunion, when she should really know better? What the hell is going on here?!

I did just watch Discord's episode about how he became good again, and it was a really heartwarming episode...but in the first half it was like Celestia had literally wheeled out Discord's statues and announced "I want you to reform him" without any explanation, and then just left! Seriously?? Why? Why now? Why did we wait almost 2 entire seasons to do this? How about "There's a new evil villain appearing and we are going to need Discord's help here, so I want you to reform him". How about that, huh? Instead of reforming him for no reason?

I know it's a kid's cartoon. I just...Season 1 and 2 were just amazing. They had no problems. Season 3, however, is rife with them!

Nichijou - This is one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. So. Random. I'll miss it when it ends.

Marimite Season 2 - Oh my god. I've finally finished this fucking show. The finale was terrible. Terrible! I hated the last episode. I can't understand why they felt the need to desperately throw some unnecessary drama in order to make an impact on the viewers. Yumi and Sachiko were FINE. Why are they suddenly breaking up? Why? Why is Sachiko suddenly treating Yumi like shit? Why is she leaving her to cry in the rain when she could be comforting her? Why is she acting like this? And the last episode did NOT really excuse her actions at all, if anything Yumi was the one apologising (for what?? being hurt by her onee-sama??) and just...oh it was so bad.

And absolutely no one on the internet agrees with me on this, because the entire fandom praises this season. I did not like it. I won't be watching Season 3, sadly, I will go back to Sasameki Koto again.


Liveman - I started the next Super Sentai season, Liveman Mainly because I ran out of Bioman subs and realised it probably wasn't completely finished after all. Liveman seems...okay, I guess. It actually feels like watching Bioman, except a bit too serious despite the fact that one of the villains is a woman with guns coming out of her elbows.

Maskman - I've reached episode 40. I can't believe I've almost finished this show! Apparently it's actually the definition of Sentai filler and that the characters mean absolutely nothing - but nevertheless I pretty much enjoy all of them? Same with Battle Fever J, after all. It's just fun to watch.


I was really shocked to hear about what happened at Brexit. Couldn't believe it. Realised that all the Leave regions of Britain were literally everywhere that wasn't London or Scotland. Like, how. Stupid UKIP already leaping at the opportunity and...well, I don't really need to say anything here. Everything's already been said. Basically, we're all fucked. The pound already dropped on the stock market the very same day...


Okay, so what I've done is made 3 RP characters. One for Morrowind, one for Oblivion, and one for Skyrim!
I'm keeping a personal RP diary for each one. For example, my Skyrim character is utilising Two-Handed weapons and UNARMOURED which will make it hella difficult! She also hates thieves and never picks locks or pockets...but she is prepared to use spells to open locked chests. Yes, that is possible with the power of mods.

I also added a large number of mods to make the games how I want to play them. I modded Oblivoin and Skyrim so that everyone is now killable - yes, even quest givers, and if the game world is broken then so be it! - and added Morrowind-style loot and removed levelled enemies, so now it's more challenging. Plus you can get higher-level loot at lower levels too. It's all like a game of chance!
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