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I've decided to change my anime schedule a bit, so that rather than watching one episode of one anime series every day, and potentially watching 25 shows very very slowly, I'm going to go for the more direct approach.

By which I mean I'm going to MARATHON EVERYTHING.

I finished AB0048 Next Stage last night. The ending was quite emotional, there were some plot holes but essentially I really enjoyed the show. It was beautiful. I wish there was a Season 3 but I doubt it.
I'm also going to finish Season 1 of TMNT (1987 original series) in a moment from now. Still awesome. Still amazing. Still cowabunga.
I mean hey, Season 1 only has 5 episodes so it's easily marathoned.

Oh, I finished Season 3 of MLP last night too.

It was really good - compared to the rest of the season, that is, which was just lacking in so many ways - but not really in comparison to Season 1 and 2 finales.
So Twilight gets to be a princess?
That's great, but...why?? Why just her? Celestia says it's because she's become a model character, learned all this stuff, personal development etc. but...every character has that as well? All of her friends are just as worthy.

So why her?
Is it because she's the main character? Or because...oh, right. Toy merchandise. I get it.

Oh, and we got 8 songs in the finale.
Eight. Freaking. Songs.
No, that's not a compliment. The episode actually BEGAN with a song. It was one of those forced Disney-esque songs, too. Half the episode was just them singing about the most simple things that you wouldn't ever need to sing about.
Like the time when the entire cast burst into song to tell Twilight that she was feeling slightly disappointed about her current state of mind.

I genuinely liked two of the songs in Magical Mystery Cure, but the rest sounded...weird.
You know how when some people make really bad poetry, and they just take a bunch of sentences and desperately try to make them rhyme, and the overall result isn't great?
This was like that. The singing went up and down in weird places, the chords just went out of place (whilst still keeping in tune with the main vocals) and it was a bit of a mess IMO.

Anyway, what they DID get right was Twilight's transformation. It was pretty awesome.

Apparently the MLP fandom is split about this, about whether they like the idea of Twilight being an alicorn.
Personally? I like it. I do like it - and I would have liked it more if there was a better reason to make her one!
Rather than Celestia just randomly saying "oh you have managed to do this spell, well done, I'll just give you a pair of wings". I was hoping there was some kind of villain at this season finale, but I guess we did King Sombra already.

Overall, I did not like Season 3 of MLP. It sucked.
Well, it was average as a cartoon, but it sucked as a season of MLP. They could do a lot better. I'm just glad that there were only 13 episodes.
I'll watch Season 4 shortly and I hope it improves.
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