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I've decided to try and get back into my hobbies again. You know, the old ones that I went and abandoned.
Like actually going out of the house. Or jigsaws. Or board games. Or actually listening to music again. Seriously, I go for months without listening to music nowadays...

I'm so demotivated. I want my life back.
I go on the internet about this kind of stuff, about me being tired all the time and having problems with lethargy (I mean today is not the first time that I had a really great night's sleep and was still tired somehow). And people's answers keep pointing me back to symptoms of depression.
I don't feel that I need to check it out though. What am I going to say to the doctor, "Oh, I sometimes feel sad, sometimes empty, sometimes happy, always tired?"

So, I made a list of my hobbies...and got to about 48?
And started making a schedule for them, as I do. Like, post more in my RP, post more in LJ (yes, LJ, you're on the schedule too! I need to post more and my schedule will make sure I do!), more Neopets and...

Oh yes, I DID go back to Neopets btw.
And Gaia Online. Just to try and get more friends on there. I didn't bother with the other stupid shit on that site. If you've ever been on that site nowadays - IT HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY HYPERINFLATION. Posting will net you 10,000 gold. I clicked on a daily log-in and the site gave me a million fucking gold. I. Am. Not. Kidding. It's a mess.

And Neopets I made about 50k in the last few days with the help of some daily freebies which is great.
Also going to get back into music.
I must listen to music again. And back into reading, too! And writing! And everything!

Oh, I hope this doesn't backfire.
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