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1/22/15 11:21 pm - Animorphs #1: The Invasion

Crossposting this from my Dreamwidth account (metaladrian).
I'll be doing book reviews for every Animorphs and Goosebumps book.

This is the first.Collapse )

1/19/15 06:47 pm - I'm still here.

But not for much longer, since I literally never post on LJ anymore which is probably a sign to migrate to some other site.
Like birds.
Are we birds? Tweet.

Okay, so I was thinking either Dreamwidth, or Blogspot (blogger?) or Wordpress...any of these good in particular?
I did have a Dreamwidth but if I go to back I'll probably redo it again.
And I did used to have a Blogspot as well.
Anyone have any ideas as which of these are better? (Maybe I'll even get accounts on ALL of them just for reasons.)

Even so I'll still keep my LJ semi-active and post on it once every thousand years to celebrate the return of Nightmare Moon.
If anyone's even on here anymore.

I'm really tired right now since I've been functioning on 5 hours of sleep and sub-zero temperatures.
But I'd like to get back into writing and blogging.

Other news, I've been playing Tales of Symphonia.
On my PC.
Yes, that is a Gamecube game. I worked out how to emulate Gamecube games (or at least this one) after a LOT of frustration and messing with the config. It's awesome but I'm playing the game all wrong.

You know what, I might as well add people on Facebook whilst I'm at it.
If anyone uses that at all.
I only use it for chat and Guitar Flash, which is literally Guitar Hero 3 on the keyboard.

3/25/14 06:13 pm - In the name of the snail, I will punish you

11/24/12 05:04 pm - Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo: Day 24
Wordcount: 52,251 / 50,000

I've won.
The last time I had to verify my wordcount, Nanowrimo seemed to look at the wordcount a lot less than what it was...and I ended up writing more. Spaces or something. Nevertheless. I've finished.

I finished my fanfic in the process.
116 pages of yuri.
That's something I ain't done before.

10/23/12 05:51 pm

I'm so sorry but I HAVE to do this

10/23/12 04:39 pm - NaNoWriMo

If anyone else is doing NaNoWriMo and wants to add me on there, this is me:


10/11/12 03:59 pm - cluck

I don't want to go on tumblr at work so I'm just putting this out there.


9/7/12 09:08 pm - Ennething no Jutsu

Well I didn't know MLP had spread to NTAS.
(They only mention if for a second though.)
And posting because NTAS is awesome.

9/4/12 11:19 pm - Because I'm getting back into MLP apparently

poniezCollapse )

8/10/12 06:38 pm

The Bem Gender Traits Test

My difference score: +11
Man, I feel pretty happy with this. Almost an androgyne :D
Damn psychologists and their questionable testing.
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