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my skill is 7

So I amassed all my Fighting Fantasy books and realised...I am missing some.
I can't find House of Hell anywhere. My limited edition. I'm sure I saw it somewhere, but searched the entire house and can't find it.
Then I realised...I had lost Legend of Zagor too.
Legend. Of. Fucking Zagor.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen that book for...years, now.
But I have a personal attachment to that book. I got it from a second-hand bookstore somewhere in Wales or Scotland or Yorkshire or god knows where. It was a bookstore in the middle of nowhere. was a bookstore which was FULL of Fighting Fantasy books.
Like holy shit.
I think my jaw dropped when I saw it.
I wasn't very old back then so my parents only bought me a few, rather than about 15, and Legend of Zagor was one of them. (I think another was Rebel Planet?)

Basically, Legend of Zagor is the sequel to Return to Firetop Mountain, which of course is the sequel to the Warlock of Firetop Mountain.
You get to play as four different characters with different strengths etc.
And holy shit the illustrations in the book. I was in love with them.
There were these four different "champions" under Zagor that you had to defeat for special relics, and the designs were so breathtakingly epic. I even started sketching them.

Anyway, I can't find that book now.
The other book I can't find either is Masks of Mayhem.
I'm not too bothered about that. It was a bit dull for a Fighting Fantasy book. The only thing I remember much is that the end boss was pretty hot.

I was going to play through an FF book.
I started playing through Vault of the Vampire with my sister.

I've played through it before (though not seriously) though not for some time.
It also spawned a sequel, Revenge of the Vampire, which...I remember vaguely as having a contradictory part?
Like, near the beginning, the book offers you a Magic Sword if you pay a fee, but at that point in the book you don't have any money?
That always bothered me...

Want to hear how I fared with this book?

I started out with a skill score of 7. The lowest possible skill you can have in any FF book.
That really says it all.
(The only book I know if where low stats are an advantage is in Magehunter. This is because you swap bodies with your nemesis near the beginning, so when you fight him properly, he has your own stats. :p It's a very interesting take on it.)

I managed to bludgeon my way through by running past a few enemies.
Then I ran into a Balbhoan Sith (I know that's not how you spell it) and even though I knew it was a trap she still got me.
Her first spell lowers your skill by 2.
I have the worst skill already and she's going to lower it even further?

So yeah. I'm dead after ten minutes.
Bearing in mind that when you fight the Count, he has a skill score of 13...and you need a Magic Sword to even hurt him.
And you have to resist his seductive gaze.
And you have to fight him twice (in a row) because he regenerates.
And you have to have destroyed all his coffins beforehand.
And you need a crucifix and a stake to destroy him completely afterwards.

And yeah, you then need to fight his sister afterwards.
Jesus christ.
It's freaking impossible. I thought Trial of Champions was hard enough already. No, I take that back, Trial of Champions is pretty impossible already.

I should make a post about how impossible some of the books are.
When I was holiday in Australia some years ago, there was a particular book which I read for ages...and I could not see for the LIFE of me how to win at it.
It had some cool monks in it. I remember that much.
I could not see how to get the correct reference number. I checked every page and it just wasn't there. Like you have to guess or something.
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